Call me crazy


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Jun 17, 2019
Call me crazy but I’m heading 1900 miles to southern Wyoming the 1st week of October for mule deer. This will be my 4th trip out west from Georgia for Mule deer and first time in Wyoming. Last year I drove to western Nebraska on an OTC archery mule deer hunt the 1st week of October and after that trip I told myself I would never hunt mule deer during that time of year again. Well 1 year later I’ll be doing it again but at least with a rifle. I had trouble last year finding mule deer at all even though I’m able to find deer during the rut when I go in that area. I’m concentrating my Online scouting to north facing slopes, but at what weather do you start to see deer transition to shaded areas to more south facing open slopes? I hate to give out any specific areas but my region is south central Wyoming that starts the 1st week of October…. That is probably pretty specific… I say that to ask if anyone knows how the drought is in that area?I also wanted to ask about cell phone service. I just purchased a inreach but was curious. Like I say, this is my 4th mule deer trip but my other 3 was in Nebraska. I’ll be driving from Georgia on my own (I think everyone should spend a week alone once a year). But if anyone will be in that area or has been in that area during that hunt I would love to pm.


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Dec 22, 2018
I'm familiar with the area. Early Oct will be tough. Hard to give much advice without knowing specifics. You can pm me.


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Apr 17, 2020
I'm hunting in the neighborhood this year as well. The weather can be all over the place so it is very hard to predict. Stay flexible and stop worrying about the drought- nothing you can do to change it. Best advice I can give, regardless of the weather, is spend A LOT of time glassing, especially when in the mornings and evenings when deer will be on their feet. FWIW, your hunt will be nothing like your Nebraska experiences. South Central Wyoming deer are drastically different than your typical sandhills Nebraska deer.

Glad to answer specifics via PM. I have hunted the region since 1988.

Good luck and keep us posted.