Jun 9, 2019
I am headed to co for the second rifle elk season. Will I need any calls or is the calling done by then? I’m going out around the 16th of oct. Also, I think I can get a bear tag pretty cheap, is the bear hunting done by that time? thanks!


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Mar 1, 2012
N Colorado
To the OP

Toss in a handheld open reed cow call. They can be useful in stopping an elk for a shot.
Or they can be used for a predator call for the bear.

Other than that, nah, dont bother.


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Apr 20, 2019
If you are good with a mouth reed that is a big advantage. I have the worst gag refex of anyone on the planet so I cannot use one. Cow elk calls or not big or heavy so i think it helps to carry several and in your case, carry a couple of reeds and the Hoochie Mama and maybe one other non reed type blow call. The bugle takes up space, but is not heavy so you might just carry a tube and learn to bugle with the reeds. GEt Elknut's videos, I cannot stress enough how educational this is. It will not only increase the odds of calling in a bull, it will reduce the odds of scaring off elk. If I can tell an elk call is out of place I assure you the elk are alerted or running off to the next drainage.


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Nov 20, 2018
I carry my bugle, 2 open reed cow calls, and at least two of each diaphragm (spike/mew and herd bull/estrus cow)...on every elk hunt regardless of time of year.

Honestly, once rifle opens I use the diaphragm cow call more than anything. I much prefer diaphragms because they’re hands free.

So, yes, definitely get 2-3 different ways to make a cow sound. The “cow party” works well right after the main rut.

And learning to use them takes some practice but in a couple months you can get good. Trust me, my calls suck and I’ve gotten big bulls, raghorns, and spikes to come in.

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Mar 30, 2018
I don’t know if it was an anomaly but I just hunted Colorado fourth season. The elk were cruising around chuckling and bugling. Second day right before dark at prime time I hear a chuckle real close to me. I think it’s another hunter so I just kept a look out and did not give it much attention.
Third day morning I set up on a grassy park with fresh poop everywhere. Around 0800 I have two cows come through not running but not walking. They come left to right. About 30 minutes later off to my right I hear a bugle and a chuckle. I had a diaphragm handy so I chirp back real quite. I hear a bugle but it was further away. So I sneak over to where I had heard the bugle and chuckle. I cow call a couple times. I hear bugling again further away. So I walk over to where I can see to the south where the bugling was coming from. I can see several elk in an opening in the timber. I cow call while looking at the elk through my binoculars. Five bulls bugle at the same time.
I range them at 800 yards so I take off in their direction. They bugled several times while I hiked over to where they were.
I climbed this step drainage up to the rim in the deep snow.
I’m now in proximity of about 40-50 elk.
I did battle with two bulls until near dark when a cow walked up behind me and barked out my presence. I was so focused on killing one of the bulls she got to about 20 feet away before scaring the crap out of me.
Sad to report that i stayed in elk until the last hour of the season and could not seal the deal on a bull.
If I had a cow tag I could have killed over 20 different ones.
I know the elk were not breeding but I think the bulls were just trying to gather up or herd cows.
It was crazy how vocal they were. I spoke to another hunter on Saturday who asked me about all the elk bugling. I told him it was exciting and it was really nice to be on elk.
So yes I carry a call.