Central Oregon - covid boredom found the site.

hey bear

Nov 25, 2021
Bend, OR
I'll try to make this amusing with only half a brain.

So popped hot for the covid a few days ago. vaccinated. three days in. feels like moderate cold. low energy. low. very low.

that's all not so bad. worst part is that I have been banished from the family for some period of time. its not like I'm in the garage or anything, we have a very nice separate zone to hang out in. I'm kind of working into my hourly routine.

- make tea
- sip tea while reading worthwhile literature
- take whatever vitamins and supplements the bride brings by
- stretch, try to do a few lame strength exercises. cuz, you know, no strength
- do a few laps around the place, deep breathing
- waste time on computer
- buy something online
- repeat hourly for rest of day until it's time to sleep again

So, during my "buy something online" phase, it occurred to me that I am totally unprepared for a 2022 elk hunt that I had planned. I've actually never shot an elk with a rifle. I have been a bowhunter, and only hunted deer with an AR. So never had a real "huntin' gun".

Found the site during my research, and ending up picking up a Weatherby Vanguard. So now going down the path of rings and scopes and other fun mods...

anyway, see you all out there. because, you know, got nothing but time to kill for about a week or so I guess