WTS Christensen Ridgeline .28 Nosler Package with Leupold VX-5HD and Javelin Pro Hunt Bipod!

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Oct 22, 2019
Northern California
Good morning. I am changing up my hunting plans for the foreseeable future and this rig doesn’t really fit into those plans at this point.

I bought this rifle brand new from Euro Optic. It has exactly 80 rounds down range. All the rounds were factory Hornady Precision Hunter 162 grain. I followed the Christensen barrel break in procedure and then hunted/target shot with it this season. It was zeroed at 250 yards and shot 3/4 inch groups at that yardage. I target shot with it out to 900 yards on a 6” steel plate was successful with hits on 3/3 shots. The rifle was cleaned three weeks ago, scope removed, and put back in the safe.

I got a deal on two Leupold VX-5 scopes from Optics Planet that I couldn’t pass up (a friend works for them). I put one of those scopes on this rifle last week, with warne mountain tech bases and rings. It’s a brand new piece of glass.

It also comes with the Javelin Pro base installed in the fore end ready for the Javelin carbon fiber bipod. It will come with the short leg version, like new condition.

Last thing, it also comes with the Christensen side baffle muzzle brake along with the factory rotary muzzle brake. I never shot it with the factory brake.

This is an awesome rig that I’d like to leave as nice package for someone, ready to sight in and go have fun with.

I’ll add pictures tonight or please text for photos if you are serious. It’ll go on Gunbroker tomorrow morning and will likely sell immediately like my Sako I just sold did.

This will come with the factory boxes for both the rifle and scope. The scope also comes with a free ballistics turret from Leupold. Information in the scope box.

The package:

.Christensen Ridgeline .28 Nosler with factory Green stock with Tan/Black webbing.
.Leupold VX-5HD 4-20 x52 with Duplex Reticle (Leupold PN: 171701).
.Warne Maxima Bases and Warne Mountain Tech 34mm Rings.
.Javelin Pro Hunt Standard Bipod (Newest Design).

If you were to order this package brand new, plus tax, it’s over $4,000 for everything listed here.

I will ship this whole set up from my FFL to your FFL for $2,700.

Please call or text 925-784-3962. Please leave a VM if I don’t answer.


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