CO Archery - Full Gear List


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Apr 20, 2017
9/20 Edit: Editing what was in pack vs not for clarity...

I just finished a 10 day archery hunt in the CO high country (my first archery hunt). 75+ miles, 5k elevation changes, rain, hail, and temps from low 30s to mid 70’s. My gear performed exceptionally well.... with almost all of my gear recommendations coming from reading in these forums.

I had trouble finding an all-inclusive packing list although there are many out there... here's my stab at recapping everything I brought in a small attempt to "pay it forward" (worst case it's a good record for me to come back to). You'll notice there are some redundancies in certain places (knives, clothing) and I steered away from food as it seems to be highly subjective. Open to feedback/suggestions. Thanks to everyone for the constant dialogue here on what actually works.

September CO Elk Archery

Pack (All Kifaru)
- Kifaru hunting frame, Reckoning bag, guide organizer lid
- 2x medium size pouches
- S-Mega organizer pouches
- 1x Nalgene holder
- Kuiu Attack Pants
- First Lite Allegheny 230g bottom
- First Lite Chama 230 quarter zip & Kuiu Peloton 200 Hoodie
- First lite Minaret aerowool short sleeve crew
- Kuiu DCS guide jacket
- Kuiu Yukon Gaiters
- Kuiu Peloton 240 beanie
- Kuiu Yukon Pro Glove
- Kuiu Ultra merino 145 neck gaiter
- Darn Tough Merino Socks (4x)
- Extra underwear (6x)
- Outdoor Research Fairbanks merino glove
- Outdoor Research Rain Jacket
- Army surplus rain pants (heavy but functional)
Boots – Crispi Idaho GTX
Kill Kit
- Alaska big game bags (4x)
- 400lb rated paracord
- 3x Glow sticks
- Flagging tape
- Electrical tape
- Zip ties
- Havalon, 5 replacement blades
- Small bag of pepper (meat protection from flies)
- Outdoor edge small saw
- Benchmade steep country knife (w gut hook)
- Leatherman
Miscellaneous gear:
- Garmin Fenix 5x watch
- Dark Energy Poseidon charger with charging cords
- 3x Nalgene bottles with Humangear cap cap lids
- Black Diamond headlamp
- Surefire flashlight (backup)
- Steripen adventurer
- MSR 6L dromedary bag
- Tent - MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-person
- Sleeping Pad – Thermarest neoair x-lite
- Bag – Western Mountaineering Badger (15 degree)
- MSR Windburner & 2 fuel cans (1 is fine for the week)
- Titanium spork combo, extra sea-to-summit spoon
- NOLS first aid kit
- 2x rolls toilet paper
- Wet wipes
- Cathole trowel
- Light weight spin reel combo with 2-3 spinners

Possibles Pouch (OR Organizer Pouch)
- Wallet, hunter’s safety, tag(s)
- Truck keys
- 3x immodium, 3x Benadryl, Acetominophen
- Tooth brush, floss, non-scent deodorant
- 2 oz Dr Bonners soap
- Moleskin bandages
- 2x lighters
- 1x match box
- Tin of cotton balls coated in Vaseline (firestarter)
- Extra batteries
- Archery Tools
o D-loop material (BCY 24D)
o Serving
o Lancaster allen wrench tool
o Nock tool
o Extra hand release
o Extra G5 peep sight
- Calls
o Carlton cow calls
o 3-4 diaphragms
o Phelps bugle tube

- FHF gear chest harness
- Maven C1
- Vortex Ranger
- Carry lighter, lens pen and spudz wipe in chest harness.
- *Didn’t carry spotting scope or tripod + pan head

Sidearm – Glock 23 (40 S&W) - *just black bears and cats where I'm hunting.

GPS – OnX maps, worked flawlessly.

Random / Camp Gear:
- 2 coolers
- Archery target block (for broadheads)
- Trekking pole
- Scent spray / elk urine
- Face paint
- Paper towels and trash bags
- Lantern
- Camp Seats
- Skillet/Pan
- CampChef with extra propane
- Shovel
- Rake for campsite

Bow setup
- Hoyt Defiant 34
- Spot Hogg Fast Eddie sight
- Trophy Taker Smackdown rest
- Beestinger 10” Hunter Stabilizer
- Easton 5MM FMJ
- Iron Will Outfitters 100gr, G5 Montec 100gr
- Nockturnal nocks (red)
- Tight Spot quiver
- Spot Hogg wiseguy release buckle (primary) & Nock-2-It (backup)
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Apr 20, 2017
That’s a lot of stuff, you should add if backpacking in or car camping for reference

Backpack hunt, everything except the last list comes along - pack weight somewhere in the mid-40 lbs range... first camp a few miles in, then day hiked out from there.


Apr 29, 2018
Denver, CO
Love the list and thanks for sharing.

Just got back from a 3 day backpack hunt in upper elevations of CO and couldn't help but think you pack has to be closer to 65#s considering the list. We had a lot of similar items but about half as much clothing, boots, and other redundant items and I was closer to 50#s not including bow/optics in a woodsman. Just a thought.


Aug 29, 2018
Did you use everything on this gear list? The number of socks and underwear seems like a lot. Also, wondering how much use you got out of the FL 230gr bottoms?


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Apr 20, 2017
Thanks for your feedback, the list was a little confusing as I mixed ALL the gear i brought rather than isolating what I carried along. I only brought a single pair of boots in with me, for example. I was also within 5 miles of the truck, so a little more confident leaving stuff behind. There's a lot of stuff I didn't use, and you could certainly go lighter - I think Meat Eater Podcast Episode 130 "Packing Gear" is really good insight on what you can do to go lighter... I'm ok suffering for some peace of mind and items to make things more comfortable.
MeatEater Hunting - Ep. 130: Packing Gear

I'll have to recheck the weight, but I really don't think it was too far north of 50 lbs... my 6L dromedary wasn't full as we had a good water source, which may have been a big difference.

RE: Socks and underwear - personal preference, but a couple wet wipes and some fresh socks and underwear is a worthy weight investment for me. I feel like a new person, but certainly could go lighter on those.

RE: 230gr bottoms - I didn't wear them the first two days, second day was shivering my ass off as some wind came through glassing in the evening. I wore them the rest of the trip (with the attack pants that have side vents) and had moments of regret mid-climb, but overall was very glad I brought them and would recommend.