Cold Bore Accuracy


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Mar 4, 2019
The Great Northwest - AMERICA!
We all like to shoot groups that are sub MOA, me included. Its great fun and helps with confidence in your rifle and load. How many of us practice 1st shot accuracy on a cold bore?

Here is a great drill to ensure 1st shot accuracy a ELR.
  1. Go through your 100 yard routine. ensure the rifle is on and ready
  2. Let the barrel cool completely
  3. Pick a random range, or let someone else pick it (by random I mean something not within you exact DOPE) 739 for instance rather than 700 or 750
  4. Dial and shoot on a cold bore - as if it were your animal target
Wanna add a bit more fun to the equation - do 50 jumping jacks, paractice controlling your breathing and heartbeat and repeat 1 through 4