Colorado archery elk, first hunt


Aug 24, 2022
I am headed out mid September with a friend on our first elk hunt. We will be archery hunting for 12 days in a unit SW of Vail mostly around the Holy Cross Wilderness. We both have done hours of research, talked to unit game wardens, E-scouted, but again this is our first elk hunt. Our goal is to have fun and see a few elk. What I am posting for is to see if anyone with experience in that area would be willing to DM me, maybe listen to our plan and the information we THINK we know and see if we are on the right track. I do have some questions like elevation maybe to concentrate on during those dates, experience with general weather that time of year (yes, I know it's unpredictable) and animal behavior with that weather in the event we get similar weather. I am also going to be holding a black bear tag hopefully for that unit(s). So I do have some questions about bear population in the area, whether its worth planning a day or 2 of bear hunting or just pocketing the tag in case we luck up and happen to get a shot and strictly focus on elk.

I'd like to be very clear, I am not looking for someone to tell me a spot to go. I am trying to find people who have knowledge of that general area or areas near by that may can relate their experience to my inexperience and just make sure we have the right things in mind for what we are looking for. We're two guys that have never hunted much outside of whitetails and are just looking to have a good experience and be as prepared and knowledgeable as we can.

I also know nothing is better than actually getting your own boots on the ground pre-season, that's just not going to happen for us, jobs will just not allow that time off.

I appreciate any advice in advance for a couple of newbie elk hunters.

How was your hunt?