Colorado Covid requirements?


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Aug 21, 2018
NE Pittsburgh, PA area
It’s ironic sitting in a state that touted two weeks to stop the spread 5 months ago that continues to get stronger and more restrictive lockdowns as numbers continue to fall. Businesses permanently closing by the thousands. No end game in sight. Goal posts moving all the time. You think you’ll accept some minor inconvenience for a couple weeks - good luck with that. Our governor now says there is no end in sight - I guess other than three years from now when his term expires. These governors are drunk with temporary power.

The sheep in my state constantly post about “Sweden” like an earlier post here and how horribly they’ve done. My state of PA has suffered 590 deaths per million in addition to thousands of businesses closed forever and people losing their life savings. Those idiots in Sweden didn’t shut down hardly anything and continue their lives having lost - 573 people per million.

Yeah you read that right. Sweden nearly totally open since day 1 has basically done as well as the USA as a whole. The US deaths are around 525 per million , but Sweden’s current daily death count is close to zero while the US is gaining on them daily. And their economy didn’t get thrown in the toilet to do the same thing we did.

You think next month when the US passes Sweden anyone will report that on the news?