Colorado GMU 22 Archery

Sep 16, 2022
Hey everyone,

This is last minute but maybe y’all can help.

I’ve been hunting 62 for the past week and have had some good encounters but have come to the realization a lot of the elk hang out down in the canyon draws amongst the oak brush and it’s damn near impossible to get them down there or out. I’ve had some close calls so far in 62 but it’s few and far between which I know is typical with OTC but I’m wondering if I should move to somewhere else, I have about 7 days of hunting left.

I was considering looking into 22 because it has a high success rate via CPW harvest percentage data (not sure if this includes private, if it does please let me know).
My question is has anyone been to 22 during archery in recent years and whats your take on hunting the piceance little hills unit. Also what’s anyone take on this private land blm boundary and hunting the elk moving from feeding back to BLM. Is it worth me switching to 22 or should I not waste my time ?

Also I’m on foot so any suggestions on good wilderness areas I can go to that don’t have four wheeler access would be appreciated. I checked out unit 65 but it seemed really steep and deep. I wouldn’t be opposed to that but we were advised most of the bulls are hanging out around 12k in there and that’s not doable for us.

Last year I hunted 81 and this year I’ve been thrown sideways with 81 being switched to draw. I went ahead and got my preferred point and chose OTC this year.