Colorado otc unit options


Aug 20, 2021
I have been hunting Arkansas public property for whitetail of 20 years. Finally was able to get a nice one a couple years ago. I have been wanting to go elk hunting for a while and things are working that this year is a go.

This will be my first elk hunt experience. First part of the trip will be mostly solo hunting September 13-18th with plans to fly my 17 year old son to be out there the 18th-22nd

really just looking to spend some time out there and have a good time.
If we can hear some elk off in the distance that would not be a bad trip experience for me. If we get lucky to work a bull even better.

Looking for some general advice on a few units
looking at units 82, 681, or 68 to start

looks like 82 could be a tough mountain to trek in but it seams to have a lot of BLM land around the base and past elk harvest numbers look good
681 looks to be a little more climber friendly with more timber areas.

for the ones that are familiar with the area would this be a good area to start the trip with?

Or would unit 21. 22. 11 area be a better area to go with?

just looking for general advice of the areas not GPS locations


Aug 2, 2020
Haven’t hunted any of those but spent the last 5 days hiking 70 miles around 14 and saw only 4 elk little fresh sign. I’m going to go check out the 11,22,21 area but I’ve never been in that area and it’s going to be hot so I’m not sure what elk numbers if any will be there I’m thinking those units may be more of a later season hunt as the elevations are pretty low.


Aug 8, 2021
Hunted 22,11,211 during 3rd rifle & there are elk then but would guess it’s a little lower in elevation than ideal for a September hunt. There are large & small pieces of BLM an arc utv is a big advantage there but not a hard requirement. Less pretty than the aspens up high in the zones East along the flat tops but elk killed in the sage taste just as good as those killed in the forest.


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Mar 31, 2017
No. VA
I’ve hunted 68, 82, and others. Some days I find elk, others not so much. I think this is the general rule for any OTC unit. They are there in all the units, you just have to go find them. Pick a place to park and locate some areas with thick timber away from trails, within a hike suitable to you. Then go hunt those areas. They are not always real far from trailheads, just somewhere they are not bothered.