Colorado unit 22 3rd season


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Feb 26, 2012
Colorado Springs,CO
A hunting buddy and I drew a unit 22 3rd season tag with 3 pp as a resident. Went up scouting in late July to learn the roads and determine the area I wanted to camp in.
I decided to camp off co rd 24 on co rd 68. Plenty of camp locations in this unit so that wasn't a concern.
My wife had a 2nd rifle buck tag in another unit so after she filled that we went over to unit 22 to scout.
We saw a lot of deer but only small bucks. After returning to work for five days, my hunting buddy and I arrived in camp friday night.
We started hunting the west side of the unit and glassing a lot. We had a storm come through and drop some snow, and opening morning was alternating between rain and snow.
I saw one decent buck that I passed at 40 yards opening morning, expecting to see better bucks.
We hunted hard and covered a lot of different vegetation types, elevations, and locations. The best 2 bucks we saw were off co rd 26 on some private, and they disappeared. Never saw them again. One was probably 165-170". The other maybe 155".
We continued hunting and Monday night saw a 4 point buck chasing some does. My hunting buddy chose to take him so one tag was filled.
As we continued hunting we found a lot of forkies and 3 points that were chasing does, but none of the bigger bucks.
After another couple days behind the glass and running many different roads we finally saw another 4 point buck. I decided to take him. He had a broken main beam on one side, but was better than what we had seen.
We hunted a lot and had great expectations, but felt like this unit has gone downhill compared to other hunt reports from years past.
Who knows, the weather may not have helped. We had snow and storms blowing through that seemed to stall rutting behavior at times, which seemed odd.
Some roads we hunted:
20, 24, 26, 24x, 29, 68, 69, 83, 86, 87, 122, 3, 3a, natec rd.

We found more deer and more bucks around natec rd and 24,26 and the roads crossing between 24 and 26.
We saw about 25 bucks total, and averaged about 60 does per day.
We had snow almost every night.

I share this for others that may draw this tag in the future.
One pic is my buck, the other is my friend's buck.


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