Colorado unit 87 crowds


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Dec 10, 2015
Broomfield, CO
Anyone hunt out on the Pawnee this year? My son had a doe tag and we were able to fill it opening day, but my God was it a circus. We shoot out there sometimes and I expect to be crowded around Baker Draw, but we were up on the very north end of the grasslands and it was insane the number of trucks driving around! I guess I hadn’t been up there in a few years and things have changed? Is this a COVID thing you think of is it like this every year?


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Sep 3, 2020
East of the Divide
The Grasslands are usually a zoo. Lots of antelope up there means lots of tags. Most of the guys are cruising around in trucks glassing from their windows. I hiked a mile into a spot without roads sunday morning and had a few different groups within stalking range.


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Aug 11, 2020
First off congrats on the goat! I can’t speak to that particular unit, but I will say that’s not uncommon when hunting public ground east of I25 in CO. Every place I have tried, I have experienced the same thing you are mentioning and starting saving points to hunt antelope west of I25 and out of state.

As far as Covid is concerned, I do believe there are more people out this year. With the CO draw deadline being first week in April, I’m not sure there are more hunters this year; however, I have experienced a significant increase in hikers/backpackers/mtn bikers/atv riders/etc in the mountains. That is mountains though, not the plains.

The million dollar question though is how many more hunters will there be next year due to covid? I know several people that have never hunted, but have asked to tag along on hunts or asked what they need to get started.

Hopefully someone can you give some better intel on your specific area!