Sold Complete Custom Mauser 98 Parts Set

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May 17, 2017

Up for sale are left over parts from several Mauser 98 projects I just completed. All the parts are there, and then some, to build a very nice custom rifle, except for a stock and buttplate. The parts include:

Argentine 1909 military action that has been modified by bending the original bolt handle and polishing the bolt. The original unusual bolt stop has been replaced with a standard bolt stop. The original military bottom metal has been replaced with a custom double set trigger and guard, plus the Oberndorf swing latch floorplate release. All markings are sharp with no pitting or rust on the action. It has not been drilled and tapped and the hump has not been removed. (You will not have to remove the hump with the mounts below)
The original safety is gone but included is a new Dakota 3 position Model 70 safety still in the wrap.
Two sets of action screws are included as are two cocking pieces, one military and one commercial.
A replacement bolt handle and replacement bolt knob.
A Dressel English Grip Cap new in the wrap.
Commercial adjustable trigger with safety off a commercial Interarms Mauser 98 rifle.
EAW Quick-Loc Pivot Mount and 1” rings for an unaltered Mauser 98. (Fits this action)
New England Custom Gun Masterpiece Banded Front Ramp with all the parts new in the wrap. Fits the 338-06 barrel below.
New England Custom Gun Classic 2 Leaf Express Sight with Base. One fixed blade and 2 folding blades new in the wrap. (Not in picture but fits the 388-06 barrel below)
Original military 22” barrel with sights in 30-06 and serial numbered to the action. No other markings.
German made 26” commercial barrel (I do not recall the maker) bored out to 338-06 by JES Rebore. Barrel is now cut rifled and has no barrel markings.

A little work and you can have a great rifle. At this time, I am not looking to break up the parts and sell separately. There is well over $1000 in parts and work on this, but willing to sell for $650 shipped to your FFL. I do not need these parts anymore. Your FFL must be willing to accept from a private person. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No trades or PayPal. Contact me with any questions.

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