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Continue other than bow quiver suggestions

I'm reading the posts about quivers here as I think I want to remove my bow quiver. I'm not sure yet I think it is assisting me in missing my target to the left(often) right hand shooter.
So I am wanting your alternate quiver ideas. Preferably from those actually using a non bow quiver option.
Must be backpack compatible as well. I usually have one on..
Thank you


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Hip quiver, in the past I used a Kwickee quiver with the sidewinder hip quiver adapter. Easy to remove the quiver from the adapter .
I have also used a cat quiver and prefer a hip.
I prefer to not use a bow mounted quiver also. Tried quite a few options and settled on a side quiver like the safari tuff duiker or arrow master. Hated a catquiver

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FYI, bow quivers make my arrows act stiff and shoot to the left (shooting RH). I have to shoot weaker arrows with one on. Might try re-tuning if you haven’t already.


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What are you shooting? Missing left is usually collapsing on the shot, bow quiver that's properly mounted shouldn't effect arrow tuning, if it's making arrow fly stiff then it's mounted to far out on the limb, should be mounted on the fades. Make sure your pushing towards the target with your bow hand
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Hip quiver, in the past I used a Kwickee quiver with the sidewinder hip quiver adapter. Easy to remove the quiver from the adapter .
I have also used a cat quiver and prefer a hip.
Similar to this: Mark Baker made a Quiver Caddy for using a Kwikee on a pack belt. I still have mine and use it when a bow quiver isn't a good option. The design went to Farr West Leather who makes or made a leather version of the Kwikee to go with the Caddy. It may be called Absorkee quiver now. It's a handy item.


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I use a mixture of 3 quivers because I've never found one solution that actually works great for everything.
  • Bow Quiver - Kanati Dual Arc because it allows me to adjust the position of the arrows behind the strung profile of the bow and the posts allow it to mount around the riser which makes it not affect the tuning of my bow/arrow combination at all. When I get to places that I want to remove it, its quick and simple and silent. I most often use this when hunting for deer and pigs either in places that are THICK because it keeps the arrows tucked out of the way the best and when I'll be spot and stalk hunting so I have backup arrows with me even if I ditch the pack to get a more quiet stalk.
  • "Side" Quiver - I use a cheap flea market bow quiver with some paracord around it like the GFA side quiver sometimes. This is great for backpack hunts, stump shooting, and upland bird hunting especially because it frees up your bow allowing for faster swings for hitting game on the move and its easy to lash to a pack. I too will use this for deer hunting on occasions if I know that I'll be in stand all day and I can just hang this from my treestand.
  • Back Quiver - I use this mostly as arrow storage. I made a batch of 4 dozen arrows for my bow so I can literally just grab and go with whatever point/build I want: I have arrows with field points, steel small game hunting blunts, rubber bludgeons, Judo points, and broadheads. However, this is my preferred quiver for small game hunting in the summer time because it allows me to carry the most arrows and I can slip a water bottle in there too. I can stick a pile of squirrel and rabbit on a bird stringer that I carabiner with a NiteIze S-Biner to the bottom D-ring on the strap behind me and it allows for a convenient way to carry game back. They slap you in the rear end as you walk but the S-Biner is quick and easy to pull off the back quiver when your ready to walk a long distance and then I just carry them in my other hand. I also like to use a back quiver when going to 3D shoots and what not because you just never really know how many arrows you may need or what impromptu plans you may make when you get there.
Like PA-R says Eagle Flight. Tried them all back,hip and different bow quivers. I shoot a longbow and the Eagle flight with 5 arrows is feather lite. For elk hunting I break bow and quiver down when I pack in, with arrows going in wide mouth gatorade bottle, broadheads in plastic soap box. For whitetail treestand hunting I tried it all as well just can’t beat the bow quiver for second shot. Far less movement.