Danner Mt. Adams Reviews?


Aug 26, 2016
Hi, folks. This summer I'll be a biotech for a research project which will have me running around the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho for a couple months. During the school year I work at a sporting goods shop, and as an employee I get Danner and Vasque footwear at cost. While I know one shouldn't try to save money on footwear, sometimes a college student has to settle, and getting these brands at such a low cost may allow me to afford a quality of boots that I might not be able to afford without the discount. I've ruled out Vasque, as quite a few reviews have complained about their durability. The Danner Mt. Adams look pretty good to me, and the reviews are pretty good for them. Plenty of people post reviews after only moderate use, however, and my job will entail far more than moderate use. If possible, I'd like to hear about any experiences with Danner Mt. Adams from people who pound the piss out of their boots. Any major weak points that may cause the boots to blow out? I appreciate any feedback.