Day Hikes/Scouting Gear List


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Jan 14, 2019
What’s up guys! With all seasons over in my area it’s already time to start putting the work in and scouting for the new year. I hope everyone has some success this year and stays healthy. Below is my gear list for day hikes when I’m scouting areas everything will either be on me or in the pack. I also always take my jadg terrier with me, he’s a great mountain dog. Take a look let me know what y’all think.

-rain cover
-fly mask
-dog collar
-dog remote
-dog treats
-dog leash
-stuff sacks
-water bladder
-water bottle
-water filter
-electric tape
-bino harness
-phone cam
-bino adapter
-pistol and shells
-leather man squirt
-fire starter
-extra chapstick
-tenaciouse tape
-first aid kit with everything needed
-baby powder
-toilet paper & wipes
-garmin Inreach
-battery bank
-sit pad
-hiking shoes
-pack towel