Debating selling and upgrading tipi - whats fair?


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Feb 26, 2020
Thanks in advance for your time in my internal debate. Im debating selling my 2 tipi’s, 1 of 2 stoves, and upgrading to a SO cimarron in DCF. It would be smaller than my big tipi and bigger than my small one, and weigh as much as the small one. That would allow me to take it solo and with a friend quite easily. My question is, whats a fair price for a used tipi/stove? Info is below.

Big Tipi:
Titanium Goat Vertex 7.5 - 58.3oz for tipi body. Equivalent to a 6 man.
Has one pinhole burn from an ember, otherwise in excellent shape.
7.5’ tall, 13’ diameter
Would include a carbon fiber pole from ruta locura that is 14oz
Would include carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium stakes - variety is good - ~6oz
Total weight - ~78oz
Palace for 2, comfy with 3+stove/gear, tight if you add all that and a 4th guy unless gears outside.

Small Tipi:
Seek Outside BT2 - 34oz for tipi body
Has a small rip that needs a patch which I have and can do before sale if wanted, or can include for buyer to do to their standard. This will affect the price im sure but structurally the tipi is unaffected. Its in very good condition overall.
Would include an aluminum pole which i never used, and a trekking pole extender - 1oz, from ruta locura. I used the extender to save weight and it worked great.
Would include titanium stakes - 3oz

Stove - could sell either my 12” or 20” tigoat c-stove. Would prefer to sell the 20” but doesnt matter - can purchase the body alone from josh at RL and have both again.
Would include stove pipe (brand new pipe for the big tipi), new front/rear faces, and all associated parts n pieces. The new pieces were all recently purchased from josh at ruta locura. I got them because i needed a new stove pipe for the big tipi (friend accidentally creased the old one). Got the new front/rear ends plus other pieces so i would have 2 complete stoves for my 2 tipis.

So I dont know what they would sell for at a fair price which is why Im asking for opinions. I dont want to price it high and wait forever, im fine with fair in a reasonable timeframe. Or if its not worth selling Ill keep em and wait on the cimarron. It would be nice to be able to stand when solo, and i know the cimarron is a bit tighter for 2 which i may not like. Im just getting older so comforts like standing and lighter weights are worth it in my mind, plus Im often solo. Pics of the big tipi set up poorly (was my first time), and the small tipi set up perfectly. Id need to set up both for current pics before sale. Thanks again guys.


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