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Feb 29, 2020
Central NY
I had a replacement knee done two years ago on my right knee and the pain the knee had is gone, however I lost a lot of flexibility. I got up to 120 degree on my right but almost 140 degrees on my left which wasn't replaced. The knee works at slow speed walks very well and I hunt very well at my SoDak camp for pheasant and ducks walking many miles each day no problem. I booked a guided hunt on private and public grounds and they claim the elevation is only 6500 ( way higher than the east coast) an varies by 500' or so. I wont need a large pack and rifle would be all that I carry in. The ranch owner says they will either pack horse us in on BLM land or trucks on the private land with a short walk each morning to that days hunting area. I am overweight by 40 lbs and i'm working on getting that off by this fall, My question is what should I be focused on?
I currently walk my property every day for 45 min - 1hr two to three times a day working out my hunting dogs, but figure a gym is in my future.