Dialing in my Pack for upcoming season


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Feb 29, 2020
Central NY
I have my new small pack with 3 L hydration reservoir ( badlands Reactor) I love the fit of the pack and its interior storage is perfect for what I am taking. The problem is the outside straps for holding my BOG tripod and kneeling pad ( full length z fold pad).
I like the pack as it is tall an narrow fitting between my shoulder blades nicely, I don't want a larger pack that synch down (I have several).
Pack holds spotting scope and small items, lunch and game bags and small tarp.
The two small pockets on both sides are too small to hold the bottom end of tripod.

There is a synch straps across the face of the pack that I could use for both but it changes the pack shape and I have doubts that it will securely hold the tripod
I was thinking of adding the rifle boot to hold the tripod and using the synch straps for the pad, I will need to sew or somehow add another strap to secure the tripod but it is doable.

Is there any other ideas on securing the tripod and the pad that I have not thought of, I am open to any and all ideas
The bottom straps I could not get to hold tripod or pad in a way that I could use ( pad was too wide).


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