Do you believe in ghosts


Sep 1, 2022
My wife and I had an interesting experience a couple of years ago in Greer AZ, at the Molly Butler Lodge.

For some context, Greer is an old town, and I believe there was a forestry/logging service that was prominent back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Molly Butler started her lodge in 1910, lodging and feeding people coming through town.

It's one of the only restaurants in Greer, and my wife and I went there one night. We sat at a high top table that was rested up right next to another high top that was empty, which we used for extra space, specifically for a bottle of wine that we were drinking.

After we finished our meal, we still had half a bottle of wine left. We were ready to head back to the cabin, and my wife said "let's cork this bottle and head back". As soon as she said that, the wine bottle slide right across the table and dumped into my lap. Thankfully I saw it happening and made a catch and mitigated what could've been a much bigger mess. But it happened really rapidly, and my wife and I looked at each other as if to ask 'what the hell just happened?'.

Up to that point, the wine bottle didn't move or was touched for about a ~30 min period or so. The tables were fairly level, and no moisture on the table to cause the wine bottle to slide. The waiter saw a bit of commotion at our table and asked what was going on - and we told him what just went down. He laughed and said "oh, that's Molly. She likes messing with people", and then proceeded to tell all his own weird stories of happenings to him at the restaurant.

It was a really bizarre event, and made my wife and I open to the idea of ghosts or spirits among us.


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Dec 8, 2020
Parker, CO
Our last of 3 dogs passed away while we were in Alaska this August. As she aged her laying on the floor was more of a "fall" with a distinct sound of dropped a Boulder. We've heard it multiple times since we've been home. That and the dining room lights flickering when we make deer/antelope burgers, in which she always had her special "Bess" burger, I have no doubt her spirit is still here. I have a longer different ghost story from years ago when I'm not typing on my phone.
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Jul 21, 2015
Our 7 year old daughter informed us the other night that she sees a creepy girl in the living room at night when she gets up to go to the bathroom.....

I feel about them like elon does about aliens. If they are there, they sure are subtle.


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Dec 12, 2020
I respect many opinions and "experiences" but I do not believe at all in any way.