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Jul 27, 2021
Not my wife although she likes too shoot, but my grandaughter is the female hunter in my world, started hunting with me around 10 years old, now heading towards 21. Had her boy friend at the house christmas (sissy boy type) told her too hang out in the woods with the old man theres deer too kill.


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Jun 2, 2022
So awesome! Loving hearing similar tales to my own! I alas only got to hunt a little bit with my dad growing up but loved every second of it and once got moved out after I started dating my husband it has only gotten better from there. Rifle, bow, or fish rod in tow - we do it all together or are fine going solo. I may cringe a little when he says "one more ridge" after we are already several miles deep, but I will follow him to the ends of the Earth and cherish every single trip, mile, and success we get to share!


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Jul 1, 2020
I used to hunt with a coworker and his brother - coastal Oregon blacktail mostly; the guys brother lived in town near where we hunted and was our local scout and knowledge because he spent an inordinate amount of time scouting/hunting. It got worse the more years we hunted together and tuned our 'craft' and his wife took notice.
After a bit, she got tired of dealing with us 'visiting' every weekend in the fall [i.e. crashing at their house and often eating at their place] and, of course, stealing her husband.
After their kids got old enough to fend for themselves and stopped wanting to be around their parents, the wife was at a loss for things to do.
She first started tagging along with her husband while scouting. Then she started going along on the hunts. Then she started to be his spotter. They could glass areas very efficiently with two of them. Then we started hearing from the brother how his wife had spotted this or that or how she got him on a bear/deer/elk etc. They became inseparable and she moved their success needle well above average!
After that, he got her a gun and license and she left us all in the dust. Pretty much all our intel came from her and she filled tags and spotted animals like a machine - there was no stopping her. To top it all off, her health improved immensely and she shed a LOT of weight. She brought a lot to the hunts and was great to have along overall. But man, could she spot the critters!