Drew and AZ Archery Tag... 6B


Apr 30, 2012
Mt. Rainier
Hi everyone. Found out my 15 year old son and I drew our 3rd choice Arizona tag, Archery Cow, for unit 6B and got the tags in the mail. This is his first Elk bow hunt, he has killed one cow with a gun, so I am actually ok with the cow tag. It will be a great chance for him to get in the back country a bit with his bow, while we are still building points for a bull hunt in the future. I really like the the country in 6B and have a cousin in Sedona, so it should be fun.

Anybody with any tips for hunting cows in 6B with a bow, I'd love to hear them. I am starting more research now. I'd kind of like to back pack in a ways somewhere, and camp for a week with him.

Thanks for the help guys,