WTS Easton Axis 300 arrows, Ethics Archery adjustable inserts, 150g target tips

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Feb 9, 2015
SE Michigan
12 Easton Axis 5mm arrows

-300 spine
-9 are fletched with 3” all white vanes, 3 are bare shaft
-5 have the standard Easton Hit inserts glued in (using Big Jim’s quick stick hot melt which is easy to warm back up to swap inserts). The rest have never had inserts glued in
-Only 5 have been shot
-Remaining 7 stock inserts come with the arrows

$95 TYD

12 Ethics Archery adjustable static inserts 125-200g

-Never opened the package
-Fit 5mm Easton Axis arrows and .203-.271 O.D. Arrows (Ethics has a useful tool on their website to determine if they will fit your arrows)
-Retail $34.99 plus shipping

$30 TYD

150 grain target tips

$5 TYD

$110 TYD if you put it all as a package or prices listed above if sold individually. PayPal only, friends and family or add 3% for goods and services

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