Emma's First Mule Deer


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Aug 7, 2017
My daughter Emma harvested her first deer this last Saturday in CO.

It was perfect. We jumped a little buck, it bounced and stopped offering a hard quartering away shot. She has been shooting in the local JOAD league for 2 years. 35 yards is her max range. She shoots a Quest Storm 45# with 125gr. Woodsman head, GT500 arrows. After 5 blown stalks earlier in the morning we found a young buck who would cooperate.

In practice we had a routine. I would call yardage and she then controls pins and elevation on the target. I would then offer any additional windage advice. Deer was at 35yds broadside and she pulled back. As she settles it took a step and was now a hard quartering away shot. I told her "center of body". She looked at me stupid, at full draw, and says "that's guts". I said "yep - trust me". Arrow flies straight and hits true. We wait the painful 30 minutes.

We go to look for blood and the deer is down at the bottom of the draw 30 yards away piled up. Arrow entered just behind liver on front side, taking off the top of the heart/lungs junction, and broadhead stopped in far off shoulder. Then the work began.

Men, teach them well. There are few "firsts" in life like being right there when your kid makes their first harvest. Proud dad here.

Old school guy here. Though we were in a hole there was a old skid trail near that came out near the truck. Decided the game cart was a better option than breaking it down there.

Kudos to @nodakian for the pack Emma wears. The very best for youth/petite frames. She did not get it bloody but I made sure to make her pack the game cart the last 200 yards back to the truck when I got the animal back to the road! I guess it did carry meat though - we brought the heart and liver out in it!


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Apr 1, 2015
Roseville. CA
Congrats to you both on the successful hunt. I'm hoping my daughter gets a chance at her first deer this year too. With a rifle though. We have to pass on our hunting heritage to our kids!👍


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Oct 22, 2013
Excellent in every way! Thanks for sharing your story. Congrats to your daughter and you.


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