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Ethics Archery Inserts


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Some crazy claims by Ethics Archery.....directly from their website on the 'why spinning inserts' page.

How can their spinning insert make an arrow "fly Flatter"?

Unmatched accuracy - Spinning the arrow faster stabilizes it much more quickly than a static insert arrow.
Arrows fly flatter - A faster arrow creates more lift, making arrows fly flatter.
Greater arrow spin rate - Arrows spin approximately twice as fast, due to not having to spin all the FOC.
Faster down range speeds - Lighter arrows will always shoot faster right off the bow, but with Ethics Archery Spinning Inserts and Spin Points, the true speed is measured down range. The Spinning Insert and Spin Point arrow comes out on top in every speed test.
Greater penetration - You can now shoot heavier arrows, not lose speed down range, and have greater penetration.
ZERO broadhead plane - The broadhead is no longer part of the arrow, and cannot manipulate the arrow’s direction of travel.


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I am not into the spinning insert thing either. The construction of the regular insert for the micro diameter Arrows looks solid. Going to try them this year over the Black Eagle outserts, which I had some issues with.

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I’ve used both the black eagle half outserts and the ethics adjustable half outserts for my .204 arrows (kinetics and faultlines) and I really like both. I give the edge to ethics though- 12 of the 12 spun perfectly with broad heads installed. Only 8 of the 12 black eagles spun that way.

The versatility of the ethics are unmatched (unless you go with a FACT-like system from GT), seeing that you can also adjust the weight as needed. They also up FOC quite a bit and can strengthen the front end dramatically if you use them with a footer.
I tried the spinning inserts just to play with them. I have a friend I hunt with that every now and then will torque the bow with his grip when he gets excited hunting and make a shot that ends up not as planned. I thought this could be a help for him. Took a bow a bit out of tune intentionally (moved the rest) to see if the spinning inserts with a fixed blade broadhead made any difference. With the rest moved horizontally from its tuned position, broadheads would hit about 4” right of field points at 30 yards. I used 150 grain 1-1/4” VPA’s to have a large profile, unforgiving BH. With the spinning inserts the BH’s hit 2” right of field points. So there was some improvement. In my opinion certainly not enough to correct a shot from an odd position where form or grip might suffer. I shot one mature Whitetail buck with the all Stainless spinning insert. Slight quartering away shot, through a rib and into the offside shoulder. The buck ran about 60 yards with the broadhead in the offside shoulder. The arrow was in great shape but the spinning insert was bent and could not be used again. The all Stainless Spinning inserts would also “loosen up” after repeated (I’m talking a hundred or so) shots into a Rinehart Rhino Block target. I never tested them at long range to see if they offered any flight advantage. I won’t be using then anymore, just do not see enough advantage to outweigh the durability issues.
I do however use other Ethics static inserts and outserts and they are excellent.


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I use the ethics archery outserts for my VAP TKO shafts and overall I'm impressed with them. They a fairly consistent weight wise and they hold up to a lot of target practice. I only have one season with them, but have every intention to use them again this season. Mine are the 90-110 grain aluminum post with the 70 grain SS collar( I have them set for 100 grains overall). I found a drimmel tool worked the best to shave the weight off the post and get it exact.