Finally figured out my set up for the year.


Well Known Rokslider
Jan 18, 2017
Played around with a lot of arrow weights over the past month and have decided on shooting Easton FMJ 6mm. Did a lot of broadhead flight tests with different weights and keeping my speed in the low 280's seems to work the best. I decided that I wasn't crazy with taking a lighter arrow and packing too much weight up front and a lot of other carbon setups I wanted to work just didnt work for me in regards to spine and having to get to the 440-450g range. Also didn't want an outsert or deep six. Though the FOC was better with those set ups, I could not tell any difference in accuracy between 10% and 17% FOC. I built a dozen FMJ 6mm in 320 spine with standard inserts, 100 grain head and they are weighing at 445g. Shooting a Hoyt Carbon Defiant at 28.5"/70lb and getting 283fps. So far I am pleased and really like that I don't have to stand on my target to pull the arrows out. I have never been an FMJ fan but for the price of the 6mm and the fact they are always in stock where I go was a bonus.