First Lite Sawbuck Length Alteration

Dos XX

Senior Member
Dec 29, 2018
I bought a pair of Sawbucks here on the forum. They are 34 x the standard 32" inseam. I am a 30" inseam. I was going to hem them, but the articulated knee is located such that if I took length off the bottom, the articulated knee is still below my actual knee. I took them to a local alteration place and showed them to her. She took them up from the top. I now have another seam around the leg up above the knee. The seam is in the reinforced material on the front and on the stretch material on the back. She has 2 thread lines on the seam. I wish she could have triple needled it. It would have looked factory. It actually looks fine and isn't really noticeable. Anyway, now my pants are the correct length and the articulated knee is in the correct place. They charged me $15.00.