First multi use tarp


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Jun 4, 2016
So after reading all the ideas here I finally was able to try my first diy.
I like the ideas of multi use and shaving weight so thought I would duplicate one that someone else posted. I don't remember who originally posted it. I'm not trying to take credit, just steal his idea.
I'm using this one for a ground tarp for keeping quartered meat clean, a tarp for shading meat, and an emergency shelter. We used to use those foil type emergency blankets to throw on the ground for meat, but noticed that the cheap ones tear easily and one wouldn't unroll because it had fused together from being in his pack for a while.
The original post had it also for a rain cover for their pack. I'll need to add stuff to make that work for that situation.
I think it's a great size for settting meat on. But it does seem a bit small for a shelter. I made it roughly 5 1/2 x5 1/2
I'm thinking I'll make the next one a foot or more longer and see how I like it.

Dropbox - Photo Apr 17, 3 34 15 PM.jpg

Dropbox - Photo Apr 17, 3 23 32 PM.jpg


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Nov 27, 2016
That looks good, sounds like the perfect size for what you have intended