First one


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Dec 29, 2015
Lewistown, MT
I always saw my dads recurve hanging up in the garage and thought it would be impossible to shoot it good enough to hunt with it. Even though I was far from what I would consider an accomplished bow hunter with my compound, I asked him to bring out to Montana with him on one of his trips so I could start messing around with it. I shot it for a few years just for something to do but never really felt good enough to hunt with it and always reached for my compound during hunting season. I shot a few grouse with it but that was about it. Last summer I was in Denver for a work training and stopped by RMS Gear for a couple nights of lessons. Those guys got me shooting better in a couple hours than I ever would have imagined. Feeling better about my shooting ability I decided to dedicate more time this season to taking my first animal with a trad bow. I’ve never hunted from a tree stand and really wanted to take one from the ground. My stubbornness finally paid off and I was able to take this doe a couple nights ago. Being perfectly honest, it was probably a shot I shouldn’t have taken but frustration got the best of me. She was quartering to me and spun as I shot but she caught it in the shoulder as she turned. I was pretty surprised at the damage when I recovered her.

The bow is a 48# @28” Wing Slimline that my dad bought when he was 14, if his memory is correct. Total arrow weight is 565 grains with a 150 grain wide cut Northern two blade up front