First time elk hunter Colorado gmu 23 and 17 scouting


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Oct 13, 2020
First time elk hunter here and This weekend I’m heading to unit 23 to scout for my upcoming second rifle season elk hunt next week. I was curious if scouting a week prior to the season was looked down upon?
I have my key points for glassing noted in OnX but they all seem to be relatively close to roads within a mile or so and my plan was to try and get 2-4 miles from the roads to avoid higher traffic area but I’m just not seeing much that looks promising to my eyes.
has anyone hunted this gmu in the past that’s willing to share areas I should maybe scout?
my backup plan is unit 17 if I don’t see anything in 23 so advice for either unit it greatly welcomed.
Any help is greatly appreciated but never expected.
thank you.
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