First timer question on boned out quarter vs. bone in


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Aug 23, 2014
oregon coast
I try to put no more than 50-60# per 16” by 30” game bag. This makes them about 1/2 full and allows you to lay out the meat on some elevated surfaces and cool it very quickly due to being spread out inside. In many cases a good portion of the boned out meat gets a decent cool from laying on the ground while I’m filling the bags prior to packing. Sometimes I’ll take a nap and give the meat an hour before packing up. It could easily be mostly cool in that period.

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That’s a good idea

I have been wanting to get some boned out game bags

Longer skinnier ones, for when I do want to bone something out and not have a big glob of meat… 50-ish lb capacity would be perfect so I could throw 2 in my pack if I want to suffer a little, or 1 and a 2/3… is that similar to the bags you mentioned above?

I think boning in field is good if you have a plan and proper bags… regular quarter bags suck for boned meat imo… they also don’t carry well on a pack… the more tube shaped ones will cool faster and go in the pack better

Boning stuff out on a whim will leave you with a load of meat trying to squeeze out of your pack and a big dense ball of meat that’s hard to cool


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Feb 24, 2016
I debone even if I'm within sight of the truck.....I don't carry bones. EVER. And I would certainly not debone at the truck and throw the scraps in the bushes next to the parking lot like some do. In order for me to legally travel home I have to de-bone.