FNG in Texas


Apr 15, 2017
Ft. Hood, TX
Hi all,
I'm stationed at Fort Hood, currently in Afghanistan. I've been bowhunting for about 6 years, never hunted before that, still don't really know what I'm doing. You can tell cause I still haven't killed anything. I was watching a Gritty Bowman podcast where he said 9 out of 10 bowhunters don't kill anything in the first 6 years they're hunting, which made me feel much better. You'll probably see me posting threads like, "How do I do ___" or controversial ones like "What's the best arrow rest for ____." Feel free to give me any advice/tips you might feel like sharing, I'm like a sponge. Also, if anyone is around Texas and wants to share some fieldcraft/woodcraft, or just help me figure out how to do this whole stalking thing, just let me know!