FNG- Oregon


May 18, 2017
La Grande, OR
Hey everyone, with enough prodding from a few of you Ive decided to join Rokslide and start participating rather than lurk. Ive previously been pretty turned off on a few other forums just because of the amount of talkers versus walkers, but I feel like this is a great collection of great and knowledgeable people.

A short little bit about myself. I'm 26 years old, I live in NE Oregon, my wife's name is Shelby shes also quite the hunting fanatic and we have one daughter, her name is Canyon. I do a lot of guiding and outfitting here in Oregon (Sheep Mountain Outfitters). We do a lot of Sheep, Goats, Deer and Elk. My wife and I enjoying backpacking, rafting, shed hunting...basically everything.

When I'm not guiding or hunting for myself I work for Bob Beck as the Consumer Sales Manager of Extreme Outer Limits TV, MOA Rifles and Bob's Wyoming camp Star Valley Outfitters.

Anyways enough about me, maybe when I figure out the picture posting on this forum ill share a little more. Looking forward to learning from everyone else, seems like there's a great thing going on here.


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Jan 20, 2013
Eastern Utah
Welcome. Sounds like you'll be an asset to the rokslide community. Looking forward to your pictures

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