Forum Greenhorn


Apr 12, 2013
I have lurked on numerous different kinds of sites for a lot of years. They are great places to gain info. This is the first forum I have ever joined. Reason: I'm totally impressed with all the guys on here, the amount of knowledge and experience and the unbiased info that everyone gives, not to mention that anyone who does this kind of stuff for fun is a little "twisted"..... My kind of people!

I found out about this site while searching the web looking for reviews on the Metcalf pack. I live in Mystery Ranch country and everyone I know uses their stuff. One buddy tests for their military side and another friend is sponsored by them. I've been packing a Barnery's for quite a few years and needed to upgrade. Been saving up for a couple of years for a MR pack. This year they came out with the Metcalf which is impressive. I wanted to research it better. Never heard of Kifaru, Stone Glacier, Oregon packs until my search. Called Aron to pick his brain (the dude knows his stuff and when he says call him; call him. You won't regret it!). Anyway, after much research, my highlander bikini highcamp is supposed to be here on June 24.

This site is a wealth of info on all topics including packs. I realize we all have our biases, Ford vs Chevy, MR vs Kifaru, but I really appreciate the factual commenting. It really helps when trying to make a big purchase decision like packs and any good quality gear for that matter. I don't care about the brand, I want the best product for my money.

I've been doing this stuff forever, but I enjoy learning from others experiences too.

With that being said..... Howdy from Montana!