Frustration with Kryptek's Clearance!


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Dec 10, 2015
Broomfield, CO
ok just venting here, and wondering if anyone else ran into this. First of August, I went to Krypteks website, and saw they had Takur jackets on clearance. Regularly, this is a 400 dollar jacket, was on sale for a little over 200. Website showed XL was available, so I selected it, and checked out. I received a confirmation email with my order number and that was it. Today, I decided to check what was up with the order, as I hadn't seen any shipping emails and I hadn't received anything. Evidently, I checked out as a guest, so I had to email their customer service. I was told my order was on backorder because they didn't have anymore discontinued Takur jackets. I was then told, they could give me my money back on my card or give me store credit to buy a full priced jacket...
Kinda bummed, I like Kryptek's rain gear, as my Koldo jacket has pretty much given up the ghost after years of abuse. I really was hoping to get this jacket before the season started. If I had not emailed them today to check on the status, I am guessing it would have just sat in this backorder status indefinitely? Really disappointing exchange. I know, I know, first world problems, but still. Anyone else ordered this jacket in XL? Still waiting or did you get the same message? One frustrating thing, if you go to the Kryptek site right now, it allows you to order an XL Takur at the discounted price, and gives no message that they are not in stock.....


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Apr 11, 2020
I’ve enjoyed my Kryptek gear over the years but their website is hands down the worst of the bigger players.
I have told them this this too on several occasions but i havent seen a change in many many years (10+maybe?).
They could really flourish if they just junked their UI and went to something better.