FS: Seek Outside Revolution Precipice 5800 NWT


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Dec 12, 2016
FS: Seek Outside Revolution Precipice 5800 NWT Updated

Brand new, never been used. Does NOT come with lid or talon. Large belt. Color is Multicam. Waterproof, roll top bag. Revolution frame. My scale says 4.9 lbs. I'm only selling it because I bought an exo as well and decided to go with it. Honestly I like this pack better than the exo. It fits me better and is really comfortable with weight in it ( 40#s around the house) but I like the way the exo compresses down better so I can use it for day hunts as well.

Here is a quote from a fellow rock slider:

"The bags are x Pac material and wash out super quick and easy. Its easiest to throw meat inside the pack. If you pack between the frame and bag you'll need to loosen some straps up top or unbuckle the bag attachments then cinch the lowest bottom one down so the load stays higher and then slide in the quarter or meat then compress the bag back against the frame.
With a talon or preregrine you can haul loads a lot of ways.
There is no more comfortable frame out there with light or heavy loads."

$435 TYD CONUS or $400 and you pay shipping/PayPal gift or add 3%. Bought this pack on sale from a local store where I can return it but only for store credit. I would prefer to sale it to get my money back. I have to return it by Tuesday so if any one is seriously interested please let me know. If you want to pay for the lid and talon I can buy those items for you (talon is $45, not sure the cost of the lid but it is on sale) if they are still available.

Thanks, Brad


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Jul 31, 2012
Billings, MT
I was thinking of order a lid for my paradox pack. If you get time, I would like to take you up on the offer to check in to the price of the lid and the talon. Please let me know.



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Jul 16, 2015
Is the precipice still available???

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