FS: Steiner Predator Extreme 10x42 binos

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Sep 8, 2015
Pair of 2x year old Predators- pretty sweet glass for the price. They have served me well. SOLD
Info from their website- Predator 10x42 | Hunting Binoculars | Steiner Optics $459 msrp

I would rate a 7.5 out of 10, overall. Primarily due to 1x little nic on the left eye piece (you could never find it when in use). I did get it in the photo (right side of the Left eye piece, centered, a bit in from the edge).Never noticed it until I was cleaning them to take photos.

Overall in great condition. Very well taken care of. Only other modification is a bit of sharpie to define my focus range in one eye. Comes with some accessories you will never use, etc.

The dorky little sun shades on the eye cups really work well. Wish my new pair had the same design. You can roll them out of the way if you dont like them.

Please as any questions if you have em.

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