Sold GAP - 7mm-300 Norma Mag Imp Custom build - Kahles Scope

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Mar 4, 2019
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You are viewing IMO the king of the hunt-able 7mm calibers. The 7mm-300 NM Imp. Based on the 338 Norma Mag case and necked down to 7mm with an improved shoulder; it is the faster big brother to the 28 Nosler. (28 Nos is awesome but this has more case capacity) This rifle is capable of speeds greater than 3300 with 195 Berger EOL's and a longer barrel; with a 24 Inch 8 twist barrel, I am currently running 3170 with that bullet. I had room in the ladder to go faster but this was a sub 1/2 min node. Rifle uses 300 norma standard brass necked to 7mm and ai formed. If you are wanting the ultimate Elk rifle or ELR 7mm for this years season, this is it!

Build specs:
  • GA Precision Templar long action - DBM magazine
  • 24 inch PROOF 8 Twist barrel - chose 24 inch to keep good velocity and keep a hunting length - especially if you run a suppressor which I do
  • Manners Adj CF Stock
  • Nightforce ultralight rings, lapped and centered
  • Kahles K624i scope - SKMR reticle - Mils
  • Timney trigger set to 2 lbs. Can go to 1.5 lbs if you choose
  • 100 + rounds of custom loaded ammo to get you hunting this year. Peterson brass, Berger 195 EOL running Retumbo. Will share the cocktail with the new owner
  • Dies included
  • Bipod is NOT included
I really prefer to sell as a rifle and scope package but may be open to selling as just a rifle with rounds as well. PM me and we can discuss if you recognize the value of this rifle and its capabilities. I built this with GAP to be the king of the 7mm hunting rifles and IMO we achieved that. Shot an elk with it and he dropped in his track after taking just 4 steps. If you are of a mind that it takes 1000 lbs of energy to kill an elk, this rifle will provide that to about 1700 yards. It has 178 rounds through it and should last well over 1200 - 1500 if you treat is like a hunting rifle rather than a PRS style rifle. Please ask any questions you might have.

Asking $5,900 as a package with scope and ammunition
Asking $4,500 as rifle only with ammunition

Buyer is responsible for shipping charges and ensuring proper FFL Transfer


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Oct 28, 2015
Holy schneikies someone buy this before I end up divorced!

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