Greetings from AK


Sep 22, 2019
Hello, I'm a gun collector turned whitetail hunter from Kansas originally. I got moved to Alaska about 2 years ago. I've had 2 successful Caribou hunts and been skunked on 2 moose seasons and 2 bear seasons so far. I started out as a road hunter when I got to Alaska and my hunting buddy has been turning me into a back country hunter lately. Since this season started, I have completed switched my outlook on hunting. Vehicles and ATVs are merely a means to get to the end of the trail and the start of the hunting area now. I went from carrying only water, game bags, and a knife to being able to carry 50lbs of camp and hunting equipment through miles of alders and mountains. I am looking to be able to provide feedback for others and learn from those who have experienced what I desire to experience on this site. And if anybody has a secret moose spot with a spike/fork in it, I wouldn't be opposed to receiving that information.