Ground blind recommendations


Aug 27, 2021
I would highly recommend the Xenek Ascent blind. It is in the price category with the Double Bull. The 180 degree window material makes it very easy to raise and lower the front opening to accommodate smaller youth hunters.

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Apr 5, 2015
I have an aMeriS that I used probably 3 times before deciding it wasn’t for me. On the plus side it masks movement sound and scent pretty well. I found I could see and hear a lot less. It was hard to find a way to shoot my bow out of it and it just didn’t really work for me. Your mileage may vary and if I were taking a new or young hunter with me I would absolutely consider it.

another options is cloth blind material. $15 for the leafy stuff at Walmart. 6’x15’. I string two together on 550 cord secured with zip ties and I have 30’ of liner blind that I can string up as I need to. It weighs less than 4# and fits in my day pack. It isn’t solid like a ground blind but it will mask some fidgeting and Bow draw if you do it right. I have had both deer and turkey walk within 5 feet of me without getting busted.


Jun 10, 2018
Milwaukee, WI
I know they are not under $200 but I’ve had great luck with Double Bull blinds. I’ve had mine since before Primos bought them and have had no issues. Although I have never left it in the woods for more than a few weeks at a time. Sorry I can’t be of more help in that price

Also, get a Caldwell Fieldpod or some other similar type of tripod to hold the bow. For youth hunters in a blind they are indispensable. I have been on many hunts with kids and most would not have ended up with meat on the table without the Fieldpod. It keeps things at the ready, pointed in the right direction, and is safer IMHO.


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Jul 1, 2017
I have 2 pop up blinds. Both relatively inexpensive. Have had them maybe 10 years. Haven't used them every year but there have been years they were left out all fall into the January in NJ with plenty of snow. I never had a problem with them and have shot deer. One of mine I believe is made by Ameristep and was well below $100. It may be a little tight for two though.

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Jun 20, 2019
I've used several fold up, pop-up and hub style blinds over the years and I can't say that any of them have worked any better or worse than the 50 dollar ameristep pop-up. Whatever blind you choose make sure you brush it in really well.

Deer tend to notice new additions to familiar terrain. I would probably just build a small brush blind- its free, and the materials are all part of the habitat.