Harmoics, Bedding and Chassis systems

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Feb 3, 2014
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Just a general inquiry of sorts. My impression of "Harmonics" was simply the barrel vibration from the recoil lug forward. And some garbage about Nodes and getting the bullet out the end at the same time and position while the barrel is microscopically cracking like a whip......that's my Barney version of it.

I recently dumped $900 into a Chassis system. Figured I was Money and bolted in my barreled action and got a fair 200 yard zero and ran off to compete. I was not impressed with my shooting or score. Chalked it up to being a newer competitor, wind and longer distances, as well as hamstrung BC from slumming a factory tube.

I shot again last weekend. Out to 1108 yards. Took a lot of work to get hits when it should not have been so hard.....so I did a test yesterday.

I shot two groups in the Chassis.....at 200 yards. Was sub MOA...but the group was ugly. Just random. Not really impressive. I bolted the action back into a factory HS Precision stock. Varmint with aluminum bedding block. Exact same ammo. And I started to stack bullets very nicely....like in the 1/2" realm. I developed the load in this stock and have shot several similarly tiny groups with the same combo.

And even more odd was the POI was 3 MOA low and 1 MOA right swapping from one to the other. Both are completely free floated. And the Chassis is MPA BA complete machined aluminum. So in my mind....it was simply a barreled action resting on aluminum....should have been Same Same....but my real world results show vastly different.

I have owned several McMillans. And they have led the industry for decades. I opted for more modularity and more of a dedicated Comp rig. But there has to be something in the way the entire stock...traditional 'glass, Kevlar, graphite or whatever....absorbs the recoil and vibration that makes it far superior to a twanging All Metal gun?

Way off in this thinking????


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May 29, 2012
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Try different torque specs the action screws. I'd try 45 in lbs per screw, then 55, then 65 and see what happens. If that doesn't work stagger the torque specs. 55/45 front/rear...etc
The action obviously isn't mating up with the chassis like it should and it is being forced into the stock. You might be able to find a torque spec that the action likes in that stock. Off not.... skim bed it.

You'd be amazed what a TINY pressure point on an action or trigger can do to accuracy....


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