WTS Haul Road Gas Pak

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Apr 14, 2020
Planning on coming up to do the haul road hunt? I have the gas package for you. My strategy is to fill up in Fairbanks, and then used this for gas driving up and down the road. This will save you from paying the steep price along the way (varies, but my last trip North it was about $3.50 a gallon more expensive than fairbanks, ya, ouch)

3x 15gal HDPE plastic drums (former car soap barrels, cleaned and used for gas storage on one trip). With aluminum bung wrench and 4gal per min rated shaker siphon hose.
4x 5gal gas cans.

65 gal of storage capacity for $140.

Pick up only, in Anchorage. Available no earlier than 21 Aug.

If your doing the hunt, I also can help you out with a ton of other stuff like archery targets, blue tarps, meat coolers, car jump battery pack, tool kit, etc... on a rental/trade basis. Willing to do that for the gas containers as well if you want to use em then dump em off.
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