He signed it! Kudos to MT Governor

robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
As you are aware, Big Game Forever has been working with several groups in Montana to remedy premature wolf hunting closures in the hard-hit Northern Yellowstone Herd. BGF and three co-plaintiffs filed a lawsuit earlier this year and were successful in reopening the wolf hunt in the area. We are pleased to announce that today, Montana Governor Bullock signed HB 73, which will prevent premature closures and the creation of harvest buffer zones around national park areas in Montana. More importantly HB 73 provides greater flexibility and fewer restriction in wolf harvest. This is a great step forward for recovery of moose, elk and deer in the great state of Montana. Below is a joint letter from Big Game Forever, Montana SFW, Montana Guides and Outfitters and Citizens for Balanced use on the signing of HB 73 by Montana Governor Bullock.

Thank you for your phone calls and emails to Montana FWP Commission and the Montana Governor's office. Your grass-roots support was vital for the passage of HB 73. We remain committed to recovery of moose, elk, deer and other impacted wildlife in Montana and across America.

Thank you for your continued commitment to common-sense wildlife conservation.

Ryan Benson
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Aug 21, 2012
Good news for all. Maybe I'll be able to use my 12 points for an endangered species Moose someday.