Hello from Flagstaff AZ


Jun 12, 2017
Flagstaff, AZ
Hey everyone!..Just found this site recently and boy have I been missing out, haha. been looking for some like minded hunters. Ive hunted some in Colorado and new mexico elk, new to AS. Not a beginner and not an expert, just wanna learn more. So if anyone is around the flag area, maybe we could do some hunting. I'm open to all kinds of hunting amd fishing, just like being in the woods. After being in the navy and moving around I'm serious to get my hunts on, feel like I missed out on alot of opportunities , so if anyone knows of cool or interesting hunts, let me know. Flag is a nice area but I'm very interested in other mountain ranges, like down south in Tucson, or the white mountains. Also looking to buy other new toys, like a new rifle, thinking about a 270, but that's later down the road. Thanks for reading, looking forward to chatting with you all...