Hello from Texas

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Apr 18, 2013
Magnolia, Texas
Discovered this site talking with Aron last week. We talked several times about a new Kifaru pack setup. Placed the order today for a Bikini and a DT3 and additionally picked up a Tactical E&E with shoulder strap upgrade option. I have spent the past 10+ years bowhunting exclusively mostly for whitetails in South Texas. The past 3 years I have also hunted in Kansas for whitetails. Starting this year I have picked up a Kansas farm for my exclusive hunting. I have been on numerous elk hunts but have not brought one home yet. I have hunted 3 times in the Missourri Breaks, once is SW Colorado near Redvale in the Uncompagrhe Nat'l Forest, three times in NM once in unit 34, once in 16B and once in unit 48. I am going back to unit 46 again this year. At 60 years old, I am really beginning to envy all of you guys that grew up hunting in the west. Big whitetails are fun, but the lure of the mountains in the Fall with so many different types of game has a certain attraction that is like no other. I have hunted outside of Coeur d'Alene where I took a mountain lion with my bow. I welcom any input or help anyone may offer on elk and mule deer hunting. Thanks. Take care and look forward to hopefully getting to know a few of you.