Help- 5 month English setter puppy


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Mar 1, 2019
Thank you for all the help to my recent posts.

we are close to buying a started English setter puppy. This will be my first hunting dog. Any advice?

-best tactics to adjust a kennel dog to a house dog?

-best tactic to crate train/potty train a 5 month old dog? How long is reasonable to expect a 5 month to be in a crate ? We don’t want her in there all the time but wondering how long can leave house etc

-what type of stuff should I be doing at this age to get ready for hunting? I see a ton of training books, should I just pick one and do it? Anything good for a beginner?

this will be a preserve pheasant and grouse dog. Thanks


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Mar 1, 2017
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You really need to find some locals to help out. Go to the preserve and talk to people, other hunters, will be the best help. Find a mentor.

A good well trained dog is great for the family (consistency is key) a crazy dog will have the wife give the ultimatum - It’s me or the Dog! 😂
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Feb 13, 2014
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1. I think if the dog has been mentally and physically stimulated ie: short run, and short training session, and let it do its business- you could kennel it for 4hrs or so.

2. I think consistency and patience is key. All English setters I’ve been around have been “soft” so maintaining a calm attitude and voice and making sure it knows how you want it to behave in the house. What’s acceptable and not acceptable. They’ll pick up on quick.

3. Pay attention to its body language and queue in on when it’s gotta do its business. Take it to the door, say whatever you’d like as a command, “go potty”...”outside”...etc. and get it outside to do its business. Again, consistency is key. Also- paying attention to when it has to go or not.

4. It’s still a pup, but basic obedience is key. Sit, stay (or sit means stay also) heel, recall -“Come” or “Here” command.

I’ll let the experts chime in on pointing dog training specifics. But, the more birds the better.


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Jan 30, 2018
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Don't teach a pointing dog to sit. Whoa means stand/stay still. Sitting causes problems latter. Above was right you really need a mentor. I feed and have all my dogs sleep in the crate as soon as they are weaned, so all night and a couple hours a day but they need exercise and the bathroom.