Henry Mtns Bison for an Iowa boy


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Jun 3, 2019
So my soon to be brother in law gave me a call today and let me know his card was hit for $2200 from the state of Utah. He lives in Iowa and loves hunting the mountains. I have had him out to Idaho for bears and he harvested his first elk in Utah last year on a general season hunt. He has been building points in a few states out west over the last 4 years and is stoked to being doing some back country hunting. After several hours of waiting we finally got the email that he drew Henry's Bison hunter choice Nov. 20-Dec 1. (He puts in for several once in a lifetimes).

I have back pack hunted all over the west for several species but I have never stepped foot in the Henry's. I also have never chased wild buffalo. We aren't planning on hiring a guide but have access to most gear. I plan on assisting as much as possible for this hunt to make sure that Chad has a great experience. I'm hoping that some people in the community can give me advice on how to have a successful hunt.

I mostly asking about what to expect out of the mountain and what type of gear you think we will need. Sounds like side by sides or 4 wheelers will be a must and potentially sleds. Sounds like we will need to camp on the road because there aren't much options for hotels or Air bnbs near the hunting areas. I know it will be a cold hunt. Sounds like the areas we need to hunt will depend on snow. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will do my best to keep people up on scouting trips and hopefully a harvest.

I have looked into having someone come in with horses and pack the meat and cape out. I'm going to try and stay away from hunting on horses because we already have people ready to roll to come out on the hunt. I have buddies w/ enough llamas to pack a bull out but would rather pay someone to pack it so we don't have to haul llamas all around.

Thank you in advance.

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