Hide care on long trip

Adam Gibbs

Senior Member
Aug 28, 2017
Tried a search but couldn't find what I was looking for. What do you do with a hide of an animal you want to get mounted if you're possibly 10 days away from being able to get it to your taxidermist and you're in a camp? Just thinking if someone shot one on the first day but there was a week left to hunt for the other guys, what steps would need to be taken to keep that hide good?

Temps can be below freezing to 80s. If it was cool I was guessing to salt it, fold it skin to skin and keep it outside to kind dry a bit. If it was warm, same thing but put in a cooler. Am I on the trigger track? Anything else need to be done?

doc holiday13

Junior Member
Sep 28, 2018
bring some borax,

clean the egregious meat chunks off, give it a dusting of borax, roll it up and put it in a bag and drop it in your Yeti (or whatever cooler you brought)