WTB Hoyt Ventum 33, possibly V3 31

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Jan 5, 2020
Cable splitter on my Hoyt RX3 broke a few days back, fraying my cable, hurting my wrist, sending an arrow into never never land. I had it rigged back with an extra cable I had and a peep sight to cross the two cables but I’m very timid shooting it now.

My 2 hunts are coming up in a couple weeks which means if I’m going to buy I need something quick to tune it. I do have a friend with a press but there are no bow shops with parts, mods, etc. within 150 miles.

I like the Ventum 33 the best, looking for 70# with longer draw mod for 29.5”. I’ll also consider a Mathews V3 31 as it’s faster it matches my arrows a little better with less draw poundage. I like to shoot around 68 but can shoot 70 just fine. I’m stuck between I don’t want another Hoyt because this crap shouldn’t happen and I don’t want Mathews with stock strings.

If there is a bow out there with a rest that has been tuned I would consider that but can also swap my hamskea onto it.

I prefer green/sand colors but don’t really care much. There are some camos I won’t want but let’s see what’s out there.
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