Hpg Aston house B.C. thoughts


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Oct 6, 2018
I’m still hunting for the perfect front country day pack. Has anyone here used a hill people gear Aston house B.C.? I’m in Alberta Canada so prairies and mountains with layers and optics. Size seems right.

Anyone packed out weight with it? I figured it can be done between the bag and the panel.


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Feb 3, 2020
I purchased a black one when they were on sale a few months back with the intention of using it as a travel pack (hence the black color). Because of COVID19 I haven't used it much other than one road trip with the family and it mostly just held clothing for a weekend.

Recently, however, I've been looking to re-purpose it to a PRS bag. It has approximately 25lbs worth of stuff in it (rear rifle bag minifortune cookie, pouches with range finder and kestrel, few boxes of ammo, tool kits, tripod/head, rain jacket, etc). I don't have a lot of experience with HPG packs, only their chest kits. I have to say the harness on it is one of the most comfortable I've ever used; way more comfortable than anything from Kifaru or MR. For reference, I have a shapecharge, 26" duplex, MR Nice with crewcab, Urban Zippy, and a ton of various other bags from mountain hardware to kelty and osprey. As far as cons go, I don't like that the mesh pocket on the inside of the front flap has no closure (velcro or otherwise) and I find that the hypalon panel on the front makes the pack kind of "strappy". There's straps and attachment points everywhere!

I hope to get more experience with it in the next few months, so I'll try and update this post in the future.


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Feb 17, 2015
Lakewood, CO
I had one (briefly). It’s a nicely made pack, but I could not get over the way the hip belt attached. The pack rubbed me raw. I’ll think the hpg stuff you either love it or hate it, but try first.


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Feb 10, 2019
I picked one up a couple months ago. It'll definitely handle weight (I've been using it with 40 in the bag), though you'll want to drop extra on a belt. The belt is just held in place with a hypalon flap (strange design choice), though, it does help a lot with heavier loads. Also the delta strap attachments are about half way up on the bag (takes getting used to if you primarily use Kifaru). Finally if you want to put something bulky under the panel, you might need to change out the straps. There are two issues. First, the panel straps seem to not have as much travel as a lot of the Kifaru stuff, and second, they're webbing is unusually stiff, and slightly wider (maybe a half millimeter) than the hardware they use, so tensioning is a bit of a fight, and you may not be able to fit a bag behind the panel with the bag fully loaded.